Girls on the Air - Real Women of Real Estate

Ventura County D.A. Erik Nasarenko-Dr. Tony-Armani From Century 21 & Reel Anglers it‘s Girls On The Air!

December 18, 2021

Karen & Traci have another great podcast!  The girls start off with a conversation about what The Ventura County District Attorney's Office does to keep all of us safe, the girls guest is Ventura County District Attorney Erik Nasarenko, Dr. Tony keeps us healthy for the holidays with a chat about rheumatoid arthritis and natural ways to treat it. Century 21's Armani Amezcua tells us about Food Share and the incredible doantion of over $10,000.00 Century 21 made to help feed families in The County of Ventura. Then Kevin Brannon of Reel Anglers is on the air to talk about fishing and the wide variety of programs he has to get families and school kids fishing, all of the programs are free!  Catching memories with Kevin and The Girls On The Air!

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