Girls on the Air - Real Women of Real Estate

The Housing Market Taps The Brakes, The Right Roof For You & Rent Rules You Need To Know!

April 23, 2022

Karen & Traci's podcast is a must listen for people buying and selling in this transitioning market.  Even though there is a slowdown, current interest rates are still at historic lows, John Ciet, President of Century 21 Everest explains why you need experienced realtors that know you neighborhood to ensure you get the best outcome whether you're a buyer or a seller.  Next it's Ron Karu who is known as "Ron The Roofer". Ron talks about what everyone wants over their head and that's a secure roof that will protect you for many years at the best price.  Ron told Karen & Traci about the finest products, the best installations and the importance of inspections for buyers and sellers, great information from "Ron The Roofer" with a little bit of insight on solar installs too.  Armani Amezcua, manager of The Santa Paula Branch of Century 21 Everest concludes this podcast with comments on the market including availability from houses to condos and important information about an upcoming Ventura City Council meeting that landlords and renters in The City of Ventura need to know about.  Another informative and entertaining Girls On The air podcast! 

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