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George Morris CEO of The Everest Group Century 21-Dr. Tony O‘Donnell & ”JAB” An Award Winning Composer On Our Podcast!

November 20, 2021

Karen & Traci's guests in this GOTA Podcast talk about the strength of Century 21 in the world of real estate, from being a household name that has represented home buyers for 50 years that guides and assists potential homebuyer in making the most important purchase of their lives along with being a part of the community in areas like working for the less fortunate by donating over 10 thousand dollars to Food Share and voluntering time to the project.  Karen & Traci also have health & wellness expert Dr. Tony O'Donnell who gives you pointers on how to stay safe and healthy during the cold and flu season with simple and powerful methods that lower your toxicity and increases your bodies ability to fight off seasonal illness.  Also "JAB", an award winning musician who has toured the world entertaining and helping children with music thearapy, he performs and informs with great songs plus a live performance in Ojai that he is inviting listeners to!  All this with The Girls On The Air Podcast! 

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