Girls on the Air - Real Women of Real Estate

Fair Market Values-Natural Remedies-Home Inspections-Estate Sales & Heirlooms- GOTA Covers it all in their latest Podcast!

January 22, 2022

Karen & special guest host Janet Sprissler are joined by John Ciet to talk about Fair Market Value of your house and the importance of having a realtor who knows your unique story and problem solves the complexity of contracts whether you are renting, selling or buying.  Next Dr. Catie Norris has 6 natural ways to reduce fever from warm baths to using many household items that will make you feel better naturally!  Pete from Morrison Property Inspections reviews the latest innovations that his company has that give the most thorough examination of your home using thermal cameras, essential information home buyers and sellers need to know.  To wrap up the podcast Dana Ehrman with Luxury Selling Solutions provides the best research and knoweldge you need to know when you are selling valuables, from furniture to art, jewlery and watches this interview is a reall eye opener especially for seniors.  All this in one incredible podcast!

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