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Chocolate-Vitamin D-Re-Fi Rates & First Time Buyers- You Can’t Top This Girls On The Air Podcast!

January 29, 2022

Karen & Traci's latest Podcast has it all!  First, Top This Chocolate is in studio to talk about fun and delicious ways to delight your family and friends with the best chocolate in Ventura County, Whether it's Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate Top This Chocolate has the tastiest treats for your next party!  Next up Dr. Tony O'Donnell highlights the benefits of Vitamin D for your mental and physical health and it comes straight from the sun!  To wrap up this awesome Podcast The Girls chat with Larry Reyes of Smart Home Mortgage with so many buyers and low inventory you want to be certain to get the best mortgage possible, from first time buyers to veterans Larry is the best in the world of re-fi'ing or first time buying.  What a Podcast, share it with your friends!

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