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Benefits of Owning-Interest Rates-Home Inspections-Move With Ease-Renter Tenant Relations!

February 26, 2022

Karen, Traci & special guest Lorine from Gentle Transitions have another great podcast!  Susie The Tax Lady starts off  with the benefits of owning when it's tax time that help the buyer & seller, get all the facts with Suzy! Larry Reyes from Smart Home Mortgage tells the real story on the current interest rates with great advice on how to get the best rate possible. Danny Garcia from Eagle Eye Home Inspection recommends a "pre sale" inspection of your property from the foundation to the roof, plumbing & electrical. Know where you stand when it comes to selling your property. Moving is one of the most stressful times for all of us but Lorine of Gentle Transitions shows the way to make your next move effortless, with Gentle Transitions the cost of the move can be applied to your escrow!  To wrap up this podcast Janet Sprissler of explains the importance of a great relationship between tenants & renters so everyone lives happily ever after!  Another great podcast from Girls On The Air, Enjoy!

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