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A COVID Update-Wellbeing With Hypnotherapy-Classic Relaxation Techniques- Sink To Sewer Solutions For Your Home

January 15, 2022

This week's podcast from Karen & Traci covers all the bases & basics! We start with Dr. Lepore and Covid information you need to know, including, the proper mask, vitamins that strengthen your system from A to Zinc with Dr. Lepore! Next, hypnotherapist Patrick Pothier helps us reduce the stress that COVID has brought to our lives using simple but essential guided relaxation techniques. Next, if you really need to bring serenity to your life Dr. Catie Norris reminds all of us that the classic warm bath plus a few natural additions is one of the best ways to stay calm and healthy.  Finally Ben Kohn makes sure your house is in order from Sink To Sewer with everything you need to know if you are a buyer or seller, make sure the home you are purchasing or putting on the market is up to code.  The Girls On The Air have everything in this podcast, including the kitchen Sink!

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