Girls on the Air - Real Women of Real Estate

Staffing & Recruiting, Financial Planning, Trusts, Wills Plus Probate, Along With A Look Into Our Financial Future!

February 19, 2022

Karen & Traci's latest podcasts covers all the bases!  First Diane Krebiel sheds light on the search for great employees with outstanding companies, Dianne owns DKKD Staffing and for more than 20 years she has connected companies with talent ensuring a great career, learn everything you need to know in your job search with this podcast.  Next, Rick Jeffery a Certified Financial Planner guides listeners who are serious about their current and future financial well being, like Rick says people don't plan to fail they fail to plan, get on the road to a secure future with Rick Jeffery's advice!  Then, Susan Wilson whose personal touch has made her The Living Room Lawyer will answer your questions about wills, trusts and probate which is really simple when you have an expert leading the way.  Last it's The GOTA Psychic, Polla Andro with a look into our future regarding, health, wealth and happiness, all in one podcast with Girls On The Air!

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