Girls on the Air - Real Women of Real Estate

Diet Free Life, Getting The Right Mortgage & Staging Your Home For Sale!

June 11, 2022

Karen & Traci's latest podcast makes you healthy, wealthy and happy!  They start off with Robert Ferguson & his Diet Free Life Program.  Robert tells you how you can eat what you love, it's the combinations and cooking style that needs to be modified, it's all about insulin & oils. The concept is easy and the results are amazing with your Diet Free Life.  Armani Amezcua a 22 year Ventura County real estate veteran and is currently the Branch Manager for Century 21 Everest for Ventura and Santa Paula, his experience will get you the lowest mortgage payment possible.  Staging your home for sale is The Girl's last topic and Janice Diehl of Staging Elegance tells us how to make a home look its best when it goes on the markets her experience has increased the value of a single home sale by $20,000!  Another incredible podcast from Karen & Traci!

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